For current Microsoft Teams users, here are instructions on how to access TSTI’s course team

  • Prior to the tech check date you will receive an auto email from Microsoft (likely in your
    spam/junk folder, see example in later slide)
  • Prior to the tech check, please sign out of Teams (don’t simply close) and sign back in to
    your organization’s Teams account
  • If not prompted to join our Teams domain ( as a guest, please click on the circle
    with your image/initials to open a menu (see illustrations on next slide)
  • Click on “” to toggle to our Teams domain. You may be prompted to sign back
    into your organization’s Teams account, and you should now be a guest in our Teams
    domain (

NOTE: You will not receive a separate email invitation to any course Teams Meetings,
once you toggle to and click on the general channel of the course Teams site, you
will see a meeting “join” button at ~30 minutes before class begins each day.