As you’re probably already aware, our aerospace training coaches are onboard to help you build and shape your team. Today we’d like to give you some crazy new discoveries about space and some fun facts about how space relates to our planet. Enjoy!

  • Our aerospace training coaches are out of this world.We’re sure you know that the universe is expanding. Did you know that the observable universe is expanding even faster than initial research suggested? According to an article on, “the universe is expanding 5 to 9 percent fasters than astronomers had thought.
  • Mercury and Venus don’t have moons. They’re the only planets in our solar system where this is the case.
  • CNN reports that King Tut’s knife was made from a meteorite. What’s more is the makers of the dagger likely knew what material they were using!
  • Mars has taller mountains than Earth does.
  • An article on NASA’s website notes that a black hole makes material wobble around it.
  • Out of 67 moons orbiting Jupiter, just over 50 of them have names.
  • Science suggests that white holes are mathematically possible, but researchers haven’t discovered any of them yet.
  • The solar system orbits the galaxy once every 240 million years.
  • We know more about space than we do about what’s at the bottom of the ocean.

Mind blowing, isn’t it? Our solar system is absolutely fascinating. And just think—one of the aerospace training coaches at TSTI is likely to blow your mind even more because they’re (pardon the pun) out of this world! Whether you’re starting a new project or having trouble with an existing one, we’re here to help. Contact us today!