It’s true that much of what we do here at Teaching Science and Technology, Inc. is aimed at furthering the careers of engineers in the astronautics industry. From software engineers to structural engineers, we have the aerospace training programs that can help newcomers gain traction quickly, while also helping industry veterans to increase performance and efficiency.

Our space systems engineering courses aren’t just for those responsible for building or traveling inside spacecraft, however. As veterans in the astronautics industry, we recognize that behind every successful space mission is a host of administrative experts that keep projects moving forward, on time and on budget.

That’s why we’ve tailored the content of our space systems engineering courses to also be applicable for project managers as well. If you’re a project manager responsible for the detailed design and operation of space systems, here are three aerospace training programs that could benefit your career.

Understanding Space

Have you recently transitioned into the astronautics industry from a different type of project management? Our fast-paced Understanding Space course will give you a high-quality introduction to astronautics and space systems engineering in just two days. You’ll leave with a solid understanding of basic space concepts, vocabulary, and applications. Learn more about this course!

Mission Design Workshop

The goal of this on-site workshop is to help project managers cultivate a better understanding of the overall space mission design process, from technical information to interpersonal demands. Whether you’ve been working in astronautics for a long time, or are getting ready to manage your first mission, this workshop will enhance your space system engineering skills. Learn more about this course!

Onsite Space Mission Operations

During this two-day course, you’ll receive a thorough introduction to the way a space mission develops. The goal is to help project managers understand all the elements of a space mission from the point of view of the operator. If your goal is to achieve a more cost effective mission, this course is a smart choice. Learn more about this course!

These are just a few of the aerospace training programs that can help to grow your project management career. Browse the full selection today!