Have you been working in project management for a technology corporation like HP or IBM? Maybe you’ve been exercising your structural engineering skills for a firm that builds skyscrapers or other structures that need to withstand natural disasters.

These careers can be very fulfilling, but perhaps you’re looking for a change that will allow you to be part of something bigger and more revolutionary. You’re in the right place! TSTI was created to help engineers hone their skills through online and onsite aerospace training programs.

With the help of our industry veteran instructors, specially designed course materials, and workforce development programs, we can make it possible to achieve the astronautics career of your dreams.

So, once you’ve completed our aerospace training programs, what comes next? Searching for a job in the aerospace engineering industry has never been easier. Here are three online resources to get you started!


This website lists all of the open positions within the U.S. National Aeronautic and Space Administration (NASA). It also provides detailed information on who’s eligible for these jobs and how to apply for federal jobs with the agency.

Space Careers Job Board

While the NASA jobs board focuses on positions specifically for individuals working directly in space science, the Space Careers Job Board offers positions on a wide spectrum. Search it, and you’re also likely to find positions at companies that provide goods and services for the aerospace industry.


This job board includes positions across the aerospace industry, including private companies like SpaceX and Blue Origin. In addition to searching for positions that match your skill set, you can also subscribe for weekly updates that will allow you to stay abreast of openings as they occur.

At TSTI, our ultimate goal is to help create a more robust workforce in the field of space systems engineering. Contact us with any questions about how our aerospace training programs can help you achieve your dreams!