Join us for SPEC Innovation’s special webinar, “Using Innoslate’s Test Center for Integrated Lifecycle Verification and Validation Planning and Execution.” System verification and validation (V&V) is one of the most detail-oriented processes in systems engineering. V&V planning requires careful connection of all system design requirements to corresponding verification requirements that capture the method of verification (e.g. test, inspection, demonstation or analysis), the details of the approach (i.e what kind of test) and the success criteria. Once this high level planning is complete, engineers must then develop an overall verification strategy that defines test suites with more detailed test cases along with even more detailed procedures. Traditionally V&V planning has relied on spreadsheets and documents to try to integrated myriad of details need for a complete Test Plan. Unfortunately, as the number design requirements for typical systems has grown, managing this effort using traditional means is becoming even more laborious and error prone. Enter MBSE. During this webinar, Dr. Jerry Sellers will present an end-to-end case study for planning and executing a complete V&V plan using Innoslate’s Test Center capability. A brief overview of the basic V&V process will be followed by extended examples the types of products that can be readily produced using Innoslate to vastly improve the traditional approach to V&V planning and executing.