In the last blog (read here), we talked about all of the onsite space systems engineering training classes we at TSTI offer. In this blog, we will discuss the online courses that we have. We know that not everyone has the ability to take the time to come to a lecture. With our online courses, you have the ability to learn at your own pace in your free time.

Here is our list of online courses:

Understanding Space – An introduction to space systems engineering with the award winning textbook Understanding Space: An Introduction to Astronautics

Designing Missions and Systems – The ins and outs of designing space missions with a practical, interactive approach.

Human Space Flight –  Learn to go from a blank sheet of paper to a space launch in this course.

Space Mission Operations – We will teach you how to implement operations for a space mission with an in depth view of the concept.

Applied Space Systems Engineering – A detailed account of the major systems you will use throughout the mission life cycle.

Essential Systems Engineering – How to tailor systems for your engineering project. Although this class is not currently available as an online course, it will be soon. Feel free to check back at another time to sign up!

Applied Model-Based Systems Engineering – We will show you how to make your systems do the heavy lifting. Again, this class is not being offered online at this time. Please check us out at another time to find a class!

We would love to help you get started in one of our online courses. Call or enroll today!