There are a lot of kids out there that find space intriguing. Some of them may even say that they want to become an astronaut when they grow up and TSTI thinks that is a great thing. We need more people in the world that want to work in the space field. But some of these kids might find other aspects of space fascinating. In this blog we want to discuss some of the jobs that you can get with an aerospace engineering degree.

Aerospace Engineer

This one is obvious. An Aerospace Engineer would be responsible for the research, design and development of aircrafts, both civil and military, missiles, weapon systems, satellites and space vehicles.

Maintenance Engineer

These engineers mainly work with machinery and other equipment and make sure that they are running correctly. It also involves controlling and monitoring devices.

Manufacturing Systems Engineer

If you are interested in designing, installing and monitoring manufacturing equipment in assembly lines, this is the job for you. Manufacturing systems engineers also use the latest technology and are responsible for a project from start to finish.

Materials Engineer

These engineers are responsible for all of the research, design and development of materials including plastics, rubber, textiles, metals, chemicals and many more.

Mechanical Engineer

Thought to be one of the most diverse disciplines, mechanical engineers are can do a host of tasks including research, design and installation of a product. They are able to work in a wide range of sectors including, power, manufacturing, construction and medical.

If you are interested in any of these fields, check out our list of courses and get started on your career today.