The lot of the population believes that understanding space is a great way for us to know how we got to where we are now and what is outside our atmosphere. That is why our space programs are always starting and completing missions. We want to continue our talk on some of the greatest space missions to date.


The Viking was the first spacecraft to land on Mars and continue to work in July 1976. The Mars surface mission lasted about six and a half years before it called the mission quits. The Viking also sent the first pictures of what the Martian surface looked like from the ground.


While not a space mission per se, the Hubble telescope brought us pictures that changed the way we look at space. It has helped scientists make breakthroughs in the astronomical world. NASA’s telescope was a great tool for looking at planets, stars, galaxies and nebulae, which allowed scientists to examine them further.


Of course we had to add the Apollo mission on our list! The mission that put humans on the moon was probably one of America’s greatest accomplishments since from becoming free from England’s control. We were able to study the moon like never before and were finally able to prove to people that it was a real thing. We are now able to tell what the moon is made of ( and how old it is (4.53 billion years). Many scientists can hypothesize how the moon was created with more scientific facts than ever before.