Becoming an aerospace engineer is going to take a lot of hard work, dedication and education. Changes are that even after graduating and getting a job in the field, you will still need to have continuing education to keep with with the ever changing science and technology that is required for the position. But if it is something that you really love and want to do it for the rest of your life, then it won’t be as bad. If you are not sure what the job entails, you’re in luck because we have some thoughts.

Have you ever been curious about how and why things fly? Would you be interested in learning to fly an aircraft? Have you been interested in space since you were little, like the stars and the moon? Then studying in the aerospace field is the perfect fit for you. You will learn how to navigate systems in the aerospace field and come up with some exciting new advancements when it comes to space.

TSTI offers several different classes in the aerospace engineering field so that you can increase your understanding of both space and the systems that are used. We can even help you learn how to design space missions! You will receive practical experience applying the systems that you are learning as well.

The aerospace field is continuing to grow at a rapid rate and we will need you to lead the way in the new generation of engineers. If you are interested in going into the aerospace engineering field, contact TSTI today to get started.