If you are looking to start your new life and career by joining our space engineering training courses, you may get interested in designing space missions. In our previous blog, we talked about some of the greatest space missions that has ever been and we would like to continue that.


Although this is not technically a space mission, it is still pretty cool. According to space.com Spitzer was the first telescope to detect light from distant planets back in 2005. The telescope looked at the sky through infrared light and took amazing pictures of things it saw like galaxies, stars and nebulae.

Spirit & Opportunity
In 2004, both of these rovers landed on Mars to spend 90 days observing and analyzing the planet. Both rovers stayed on the planet long after those 90 days. Spirit remained active on Mars until March 2010 when they lost communication with the rover. Attempts were made to regain communication but were unsuccessful. Opportunity, now joined by Curiosity, remains active and as of March 2015, had traveled over 26 miles around the planet.


Launched in 1997, this joint mission headed to Saturn and finally landed there in 2004. On its way, it captured stunning images of Saturn’s rings, its moons and the weather. The 2 pieces separated and went their own ways eventually. Cassini went to take a look at Saturn’s moon, Titan, eventually landing on it. While previous spacecrafts have visited Saturn, this was the first time the system was studied in detail.

Finding out more about our solar system is something special. If you want to be involved in the aerospace engineering field, you need to get in touch with TSTI to learn more about our courses.