If you’re checking into onsite aeronautical engineering courses, there’s a good chance that you also like to keep track of all of the great inventions that seem to pop up every day. Now is a great time to be alive; technology is advancing more quickly than ever before and there are a number of inventions that will make life better as they continue to be developed. Here are a few of our favorites.

  • The Microsoft HoloLens is truly incredible. It’s like something out of your favorite science fiction movie. According to their website, it is “the first fully self-contained holographic computer, enabling you to interact with high-definition holograms in your world.” Its potential applications are endless, but as of right now, it’s being used by NASA and medical students alike.
  • The Fludigm Juno is great news for scientists who spend a great deal of time analyzing DNA. Research labs have implemented Juno into their work because it “enables accurate sequencing of more samples—faster and more affordably than ever before.” In fact, it can amplify DNA in three short hours.
  • If, like us, you could use a bit of extra help in the kitchen, Pantelligent has a sensor inside that communicates with an app. The pan will then tell you when to flip your food, add ingredients, adjust the temperature, and more. It even talks to you while you’re cooking. Anything that makes cooking a little easier is okay in our book.

Technology is advancing at an astounding rate and these new inventions blew our mind. Are they as crazy at what you’ll learn at one of our onsite aeronautical engineering courses? Why not contact us and sign up for a course today so you can find out for yourself? Stay tuned for part two!

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