There is a show on cable television called “The Big Bang Theory”. This show follows the lives of four scientists that work in the prestigious California Institute of Technology, AKA CalTech. One character, Howard Wolowitz, is an aerospace engineer. One of the running themes in this show is where the rest of the group give Howard a hard time because he is the only one without a doctorate degree. But the fact is, he has just as good of a job as his friends with only a master’s degrees AND he was chosen to become an astronaut and traveled to the International Space Station.

Obviously, this is real life and that is a TV show so some aspects could be exaggerated for the audience but our point is that the job is cool enough to be a job someone has on TV. Millions of people have been introduced to the aerospace engineering field of study and at TSTI, we could not be more excited. This means there will be more opportunities and advancements in the field of space.

According to, the median annual salary is $103,870 and the education requirements are not what you would think. For an entry level position, you need a bachelor’s degree in a aerospace engineering related field. This means that you only need to go to school for the standard four years to be able to make a pretty decent living. You do, however, need a master’s degree if you are looking to go into research or education.

So if you are looking to join the aerospace engineering field to become like Howard Wolowitz, contact us at TSTI today!