One of the courses that is offered online at TSTI is called Designing Space Missions and Systems. This course goes in depth with the basic mission objectives that you will have to know in the space systems engineering discipline. You will not only learn about designing space missions but also orbits and trajectories, launch systems, spacecraft engineering and everything else that has to go with space missions.


The Designing Space Missions and Systems course at TSTI is just one course of many that you will have to take to get to the job that you dream about, but we wanted to give you an example of someone who works in the field and is doing some awesome things in the space missions field. His name is Steve Kemble.


Steve Kemble did an interview for Financial Times in 2010 to talk about his job as a space mission designer at Astrium, a European space company. His job is to map out the most fuel-efficient route from point A to point B. This is to determine the amount of fuel that needs to be on board of the spacecraft.


Kemble is currently (as of 2010) working on an unmanned mission to Mercury. He says that his job is very important; if his calculations are even just slightly off, the whole mission can be ruined. The spacecraft that has taken years to be built and the hard work that had been put into designing the mission would go up in smoke, maybe literally.
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