TSTI Aerospace Engineering Courses

Teaching Science and Technology, Inc (TSTI) brings the education to you. We offer many different courses for employees that will benefit your business. We offer the best training, coaching and consulting of onsite space systems engineering training to NASA, DoD and other industry companies.

Here is a list of the courses we offer onsite:
Understanding Space – Space Systems Engineering and Astronautics introduction.

Designing Space Missions and Systems – The practical application of space systems engineering in its entirety.

Applied Space Systems Engineering – The real life application of tools used in space system engineering.

Space System Verification & Validation – Provides students with the tools that are needed for a credible verification and validation program.

Human Spaceflight – Learn how space missions come together from scratch.

Applied Model-Based Systems Engineering – Learn the tools needed work together to get the job done.

Space Launch and Transportation Systems – provides an in depth look into the space launch and transportation systems.

Space Mission Operations – This course teaches students about the challenge of designing and carrying out space mission operations in a practical setting.

Applied Project Management For Space Systems – Helping project managers with project goals and keeping on top of budget.

Integrated Cubesat Engineering Workshop – Learn the ins and outs with hands-on tools and software.

Mission Design Workshop – Learn how a mission is created from start to finish.

Essential Systems Engineering – Learn what systems are essential to your project.

If you need specialized training for your employees, whether they are brand new or seasoned employees, we would love to come to you and provide the training that you need. Call us today to schedule an onsite course!