Here at TSTI, our onsite aeronautical engineering courses are the best around. Take our Applied Space Systems Engineering course for example. Are there any other aeronautical courses out there that let you tailor the approach you get to take while learning? Understanding space has never been so interesting or so fun!

What do you get from our onsite aeronautical courses?

Learn about space with our onsite aeronautical engineering courses.For one, you get a practical, hands on course that lasts from three to five days and a combination of lectures, interactive discussions, and group exercises frame what will no doubt end up being one of the most interesting aeronautical courses you ever take. This particular course also presents a review of seventeen major systems engineering processes.

Course objectives include:
  • an enhanced understanding of space systems engineering processes and application
  • knowledge of the practical steps needed to execute systems engineering processes
  • experience applying systems engineering processes to example space system problems
  • an organized framework for future space learning

If this sounds like the aeronautical course for you, don’t hesitate to request more information. After all, ensuring that we teach you well is our full time job, so take advantage of our course selection guide in order to choose the course that’s best for you! You can also feel free to contact us with any questions about our onsite aeronautical engineering courses. We’d love nothing more than to partner with you in order to provide you with systems engineering and project management training, coaching, and consulting. We look forward to hearing from you!