A Hands-On Approach to Understanding the Processes, Practicalities and Potentials for your Projects

The full 4-day on-site or virtual course (MBSE-03) provides a broad overview of the processes, practices, tools and techniques that comprise the emerging discipline of model-based systems engineering (MBSE) with emphasis on practical application. The course examines the “why,” “what” and “how” of MBSE beginning with its basic value proposition. The course focuses on six central themes that comprise the unique advantages MBSE offers – Capturing, Connecting, Controlling, Communicating, Collaborating and Cycling – with specific examples including lessons learned from applications in NASA, DoD and commercial projects. Foundations of MBSE are first established by reviewing the systems engineering fundamentals and what it means to “model” SE. Ontologies, modeling languages and frameworks are then reviewed to establish a basis for their use in any MBSE project. From this foundation, applications of MBSE are discussed in detail with emphasis on how to model each part of the SE “V” from need to capability. Finally, the course provides a practical how-to basis for creating and managing system models. Every phase of the course makes extensive use of guided hands-on exercises with MBSE tools to internalize key themes and hone skills for applying both the art and science of SE to real-world challenges. While the course uses a specific tool for teaching, the goal of the course is to be “tool agnostic” such that the basic principles can be applied to any tools that a project may use.

MBSE-03 is divided into three modules. Organizations who do not need as much depth have the option of taking only one module (MBSE-01) or modules one and two (MBSE-02). For organizations who would like to apply MBSE to their own specific project challenges, an additional day can be added (MBSE-04).

MBSE-01 – Foundations of Model-Based Systems Engineering

1.5 day virtual course

MBSE-02 – Applied Model-Based Systems Engineering

3 day virtual course (includes MBSE-01)

MBSE-03 – Model-Based Systems Engineering Design and Analysis

4 day virtual course (includes MBSE-01 and -02)

MBSE-04 – Model-Based Systems Engineering Course with Workshop

5 day virtual course (includes MBSE-01, -02, and -03)

Students who complete the course are eligible for a digital attendance badge that can be shared on social media.

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