A Satellite Hardware Laboratory

This three to four day, on-site or virtual training course provides participants with the processes, industry standards, information, and tools necessary to implement (or evaluate) a credible verification and validation program.  Emphasis is on practice over theory using a fully functional (hardware and software) benchtop satellite as the EyasSat system.  The EyasSAT™ benchtop satellite has all of the major subsystems of any operational satellite, and serves as a testbed/instructional tool throughout the laboratory.  Participants are introduced to the hardware and software associated with a system of interest, along with an end-to-end set of requirements, constraints, plans and procedures. Participants are provided with key lectures and resources and asked to use these processes, tools and information to develop validation and verification plans and then implement them in a hands-on laboratory where they will learn by doing.

Learning Outcomes:

At the end of this course you’ll be able to…

  • Explain the end-to-end SE process and how it applies to system (and lower level) requirements definition, allocation, validation and verification.
  • Describe the purpose and scope of key documents required in the validation and verification processes, and identify typical errors committed.
  • Describe various methods of verification, when they are appropriate. and how they are used as part of a verification plan for a system of interest
  • Determine appropriate circumstances and applicability of verification methods to prototype and proto-flight systems.
  • Analyze representative verification plans, test sequences and activities for an example system of interest (spacecraft).
  • Describe capabilities of various automated requirements tracking tools (e.g. CORE and DOORS) and their applicability to the validation and verification process.
  • Develop, evaluate and implement a master verification plan for a space system including hardware, software and associated ground support equipment (GSE).
  • Apply processes and techniques in a hands-on workshop associated with a system of interest.
  • Use applicable NASA, DoD or ESA Standards and lessons learned to support system validation and verification decisions and activities.

 Who Should Attend:

Engineers, principal investigators and project managers who are responsible for the detailed design and operation of space systems.

Course Materials:

Each participant will receive…

  • EyaSAT lab manual with Validation and Verification documentation and exercises
  • A complete set of course notes with copies of all slides used in the presentations
  • A copy of Applied Space Systems Engineering
  • TSTI Alumni status allowing on-line access to course materials


“By far one of the best courses that I have taken within the ESA training program. It is designed, structured and presented very good.  The complete training was very involving.  It is right on the subject and very practical and applicable to our daily real life work. Great many thanks to Dr. Sellers and Mr. Clark for their professional conduction of this course and also to the organizers. It is a course that encourages the participants to further pursue the subject beyond the course and Dr. Sellers kindly supports this by providing access to his own work and additional literature/information/tools.” – ESA Engineer

“Seeing the EyasSAT really helped me understand satellite systems. Addressed the reality/conflict between real-world hardware and pristine theory.” –NASA/GRC Engineer

“The hands-on experience made you think/remember that you often need to write test procedures for someone not familiar with your hardware.” –NASA/GRC Engineer

“It was a very good learning experience to see verification matrices and actual hardware IN THE SAME ROOM.”   —ESA Engineer

Course Topics:


  • Intro to Space Systems Engineering
  • The EyasSAT System of Interest
  • Validating Requirements & Models
  • Verifying Products
  • Verification of COTS/NDI
  • Software Verification & Validation
  • Validating Products and Flight Certification


  • Human-Powered Projectile Launcher
  • Requirements Validation
  • Software V&V Event
  • Subsystem Verification Events
  • System Verification Events
  • System Validation Events
  • System Acceptance Review

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