SSTEL is THE executive development program created for high-potential, mid-career scientists and engineers that will go on to be Technical Leaders within the international space community…Principal Investigators, Project Managers and Systems Engineers.

Looking for Partners from organizations within Academia and Industry in the Asia-Pacific Region (Japan, Singapore, Korea, Indonesia, and other nations)

Cooperative effort with the USA and Europe; will lead and implement the development and implementation of SSTEL.

Help attract and develop and international group of scientists and engineers that are prepared to lead scientific and entrepreneurial endeavors within the space community. Develop Principal Investigators, Project Managers and Systems Engineers that are able to effectively lead government and entrepreneurial science and technology space-related projects.

Technical Leadership in Space Systems

Highly capable mid-career engineers and scientists from government, industry and academia need to learn, integrate and apply systems engineering, project management and principal investigator skills to lead space-related projects and organizations.

Participants learn the skills needed to perform technical and scientific leadership and apply these skills in small integrated teams to innovate and create complete concepts and proposals—for government and business.

SSTEL Commitment
1. Prepare mid-career scientists and technical professionals for national and international leadership roles in space science, systems development and business engineering in an international environment
2. Provide participants with an accredited internationally-recognized Executive Certification in Space Systems Science and Technology Development
3. Provide world-class research products in space science, systems and business to project sponsors

Lead organizations identify and sponsor high-potential, mid-career Professionals to participate in the Program

SSTEL Basic Structure

SSTEL Defining Characteristics
• A 12-month duration post-graduate Executive Development program
• Six (6) two-week sessions at carefully selected space hubs
• Leading to an Executive Certificate of Capability in Technical Leadership
• Participant time invested ~ 1100 hours
• Minimum disturbance of participants’ regular jobs
• Truly international (lecturers, participants, locations)
• Multi-disciplinary (PI, PM, SE, BE, SMAD, Interpersonal Skills and Leadership development)

Exclusive Partner Responsibilities
• Provide active Advisory Board member
• Sign Partner Service Agreement
• The Curriculum Committee will provide input to the Advisory Board
• Host a two-week session in a space-related hub
• Work with local community to identify high-potential participants
• Identify subject matter experts for selected topics
• Local representatives provide an identified minimum level of service