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At TSTI, we redefine astronautical education with:

  • CREDIBILITY: Authored by industry experts, our courses draw from extensive practical experience in systems engineering.
  • COMPETENCE: As dedicated educators, we simplify complexities, foster motivation, and prioritize hands-on learning over monotonous lectures.
  • CURRICULUM: Seamlessly progress from entry-level to seasoned professional through our comprehensive online learning portal.
  • COST-EFFECTIVENESS: Benefit from our lean structure and global mobility, enabling us to offer competitive pricing with unparalleled value.
  • CONTRACTING: Streamlined procurement processes allow seamless access to our services, making expertise acquisition as easy as a credit card transaction!
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Dr. Jerry Jon Sellers


is the author of Understanding Space: An Introduction to Astronautics, a contributing author and editor of two other books and has over 30 years of space systems experience.

Dr. Peter Van Wirt


is a former Deputy Department Head for Labs and Research of the Department of Astronautics at the U.S. Air Force Academy and has over 35 years of aerospace engineering experience.

Dr. Bruce Chesley


is an experienced space program manager and industry executive. He has published more than 20 technical papers and book chapters on satellite design and space systems engineering.

Dr. John Paffett


has over 30 years of space systems engineering and project management experience. He is the founder of Applied Space Solutions Limited and managing director of KISPE.

Dr. Wiley Larson


is managing editor of McGraw-Hill’s Space Technology Series, editor and coauthor of Space Mission Analysis and Design, and co-editor of Applied Space Systems Engineering.

Dr. John Turner


is the President of Imagine Space Technical and Management Services, a space program engineering consulting firm located in Broomfield, CO. He is a retired USAF officer who served 26 years.

Pam Magee


is the Director of Online Learning, an adjunct professor for the Space Systems Engineering Master’s program at Stevens Institute of Technology and assistant editor for the Space Technology Series.

Terri Johnson


is the Department Chair of the Computer Networking and Cybersecurity Department at Pikes Peak Community College. She has an MS in Cybersecurity and Information Assurance.

Debbie Van Wirt

Director of Finance

Debbie has been supporting Teaching Science and Technology, Inc. behind the scenes since 2008.

Amanda Winters


has years of MBSE experience with a variety of tools. She has helped develop and present dozens of MBSE training sessions to a variety of commercial, government and DoD customers.

Shannon Kimball


is a skilled professional with over two decades of experience in the wireless phone industry. She has held various technical support roles in finance, social media and hardware repairs.