Applied Space Systems Engineering

Applied Space Systems Engineering

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A Practical Approach to Achieving Technical Baselines

Course Description:

This 3-5 day tailorable course examines the practical application of systems engineering processes throughout the product life cycle. The course is aimed at practical, hands-on application of systems engineering tools and processes that can be realistically applied within your project environment to produce effective systemsUsing a combination of lectures, interactive discussions and group exercises, the course presents a detailed review of all major systems engineering processes within three major categories: Design, Realization and Systems Engineering Management. A detailed end-to-end system case study is used to translate theory to practice by illustrating detailed how-to examples for achieving and establishing each major technical baseline throughout the mission life cycle.  This course is designed for systems engineers, payload principle investigators, subsystem engineers or project managers involved in any phase of the product life cycle. 

At the end of this course you will be able to:

  • ✦ Define key systems engineering terms
  • ✦ Explain fundamental systems engineering principles
  • ✦ Apply systems engineering tools and techniques to solve specific design, manage and realization challenges
  • ✦ Develop relevant systems engineering artifacts for a given scenario that captures and communicates design, systems management and system realization decisions

✦ Designing Systems
    • Stakeholder Expectations and Requirements
    • Operations Concept and Mission Architecture Development
    • Technical Requirements Engineering
    • Logical Decomposition & Physical Solutions
✦ Managing the System Engineering Processes
    • Technical Planning
    • Interface Management
    • Risk Management
    • Configuration & Technical Data Management
    • Technical Decision Analysis
    • Systems Engineering Management Planning
    • Technical Reviews
✦ Realizing Systems
    • System Implementation (buying/building/re-using)
    • System Integration
    • System Verification & Validation
    • System Transition and DevOps
✦ Detailed End-to-End Case Study
✦ Hands-on Exercises

Each participant will receive:
• A complete set of course notes with copies of all slides used in the presentations
• An e-copy of the Applied Space Systems Engineering textbook


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Course Textbook

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