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Empower Project Success

with TSTI as your systems engineering and project management training, coaching, and consulting partner.

Teaching Well Is Our Full Time Job!

Our courses provide the technical detail, tools, processes and information necessary to “jump-start” new hires to the space business or improve the performance of mid-to-senior-level engineers, systems engineers, and technical program managers.


An introduction to Astronautics and Space Systems Engineering.

An integrated approach to space mission analysis and design.

Systems engineering beyond process.

Hands-on satellite hardware and software laboratory.

Design and analysis of human space missions to LEO and beyond.

Tool-agnostic techniques to do the heavy lifting of systems engineering.

Launch system design and operations.

From planning to flight control.

Achieving project goals on time, in budget with acceptable risk.

Hands-on from concept through operations with real tools, hardware and software.

Hands-on mission design from concept through proposal.

Tailoring systems engineering to the essential element for your project.

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